Our Mission

  1. Aakriti will be the company of first choice in construction industry catering to the needs of our esteemed clients.
  2. We believe in making new clients and retaining our large pool of clients, thus giving an evidence of Quality , Customer satisfaction and Sustainablity.
  3. We believe in the ideology, Visioneering People i.e. Vision for the people and Engineering for the People.
  4. Aakriti wants to be prominent Real Estate and Infrastructure company recognized for business innovations, Safety, Total satisfaction and enhanced value creation for all its shareholders.
  5. To build a company with highest standards of Professionalism, quality, ethics, Technology upgradation and customer satisfaction.
  6. Our objective is a satisfied client, a strong and proactive workforce and a quality product finished on time and to budget.
  7. We believe in giving equal opportunity, open and friendly work culture, continually Improving competence of our people and to provide healthy growth record for all our employees. Thus making them feel proud at work.
  8. We want to earn profits in the long term and will keep to maintain it through our Passion, Hardwork, Ethics, Values and viable means.
  9. To identify and mitigate all the environmental impacts arising from our activities and comply with applicable environmental norms. Thus promoting sustainable development.
  10. To contribute towards development of the local community and society at large as a part of our corporate social responsibility.
  11. To build a safety culture in the company aimed at continually reducing the frequency severity rate towards achieving zero accidents.
  12. Our people are our most valuable asset and future is built on delivering continuous improvement and reinforcing and enhancing management and the overall quality of our people by investing in training and development.


Our Vision

  1. To be World’s premier Engineering and Construction company, upholding our tradition of ‘visioneering people’.
  2. To foster an environment which promotes creation knowledge and its application, making Aakriti an innovative organization.
  3. To continue an uncompromising integrity, honesty, excellence, continuous innovation and constant improvement of our standards and technologies.
  4. Our Customers and partners should see us as integral to their success.
  5. To achieve safety for people, Satisfaction for people and sustainability for people.
  6. Building on a heritage owned by active management and guided by firmly held values.
  7. To create happiness all around by having Greater socio cost benefit in all our projects.


We have set a three pronged action plan towards achieving our mission.

  • Delivering commitment and satisfaction by imparting best in class quality and transatlantic technology.
  • Acquisition of new customers/clients by 15*15
  • To set a benchmark against the international standards of housing and development with overall presence in the country.