Aakriti Group incorporates the heritage and experience of major constructions to provide fully integrated service in the following sectors:





Villas & Bungalows


Aakriti Group provides best of the services in construction industry, employing close 500-600 people in some 4 regions across the country. We are Delhi’s First professionally managed Real Estate Company.  We design, build, finance and manage facilities that improve everyday life: buildings in which we live and work, the urban developments that create and improve our communities, and the educational institutions vital for human existence.

Aakriti Group with largest authentic and organized data of NRIs, Investors, Property Consultants, Experts, Developers, Real Estate Industry professionals not only provides regular flow of information of new properties but also provides transparency in dealings along with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of marketing professionals.

As a private sector company contributing to the development of society, Aakriti Group successfully blends a business focus on today’s priorities with the long-term sustainability of its accomplishments and integrated construction business model. We possess a huge dealership and franchise support and also provide referral benefits along with loan assistance.